What is ClapNetwork?

Arthur launched aTech, his first YouTube channel, on January 26, 2017. Basically, he wanted to create something that would help people find products they wanted online. And the channel statistics show that he was right in doing so. 


Even if today, it only takes a few clicks to find anything online, it’s not always easy to get THE product that you wish for right from the start.

Arthur has been passionate about the high-tech world since he was a kid. When he discovered the world of entrepreneurship, he set out to come up with an idea, or a project, that he could stick to and make a living from his passion.  

This is how he quickly came up with his YouTube channel. He highlighted products consumers wanted and could easily pick among the vast choice that they could find online.

And soon, many responded to the call. He found himself facing a growing community, thirsting for knowledge and discoveries.


His audiovisual content became more qualitative thanks to his wise investments. Arthur also managed to keep a dynamic pace of publication to quench the never-ending thirst for knowledge of his channel’s viewers.

With the growing public interest, Arthur created a support team to help him in his project. Editors, voiceover and copywriters, joined the aTech family as the channel grew.


As success grew, Arthur reinvested his profits in purchasing more efficient equipment. Recognizing that success was also due to teamwork, Arthur constantly rewards his teams with bonuses or increments.

When being asked about his most treasured memory, he recalls his very first YouTube Creator Award. He was indeed rewarded after his channel reached 100,000 subscribers.

Today, Arthur and his teams run 7 channels in 7 different languages simultaneously around the world. And he enjoys every single day, working with so many different profiles and ensuring the sustainability of his project. But he still keeps his eyes on the prize. He still reinvests his profits in the creation of new and resourceful YouTube channels.