A company dreaming of a better digital realm, filled with original and creative content. Dive into our audiovisual world, brought to life, with passion, by our teams of audiovisual experts.

Our priority is that our audience enjoys our original, qualitative and enriching contents.

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Our secret in rapidly growing our YouTube community is that our channels have family-friendly content that engages our viewers.

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From script creation, to voice-over recording and video editing, ClapNetwork’s world of digital creativity is endless. Our vibrant content is created through several stages by talented professionals who strive to add unparalleled value. We spend countless hours shaping our ideas. And they are constantly being updated to create better videos! Our main goal is to bring people access to different but exciting content. From high-tech videos, to entertaining and educational ones, we produce cool videos that can appeal to anyone!

From our wide-ranging content, our audience can pick and choose what they like. With the help of our teams spread all over the world, our family-friendly content is accessible to most cultures!

These creative videos from our channels are a source of enjoyment to our audience on a daily basis. We aim at producing thrilling content every day to satisfy our growing communities.

ClapNetwork has the secret recipe to stay relevant over time. Our videos are created from multiple professional elements that constantly evolve!


Being part of ClapNetwork means being an independent and passionate freelancer. By joining the team, you enjoy remote work in the comfort of your own home. Our teams have a unique freedom and are masters of their work.  They are able to choose their schedules while being productive and optimizing their tasks. By producing new videos on-the-daily, we focus on working on the long term, which also ensures each and everyone’s financial security. 

In order to generate as many views and engagement as we do on our channels, our teams must have artistic skills. This is essential to the success of our projects. We value everyone’s hard work and equally offer a fair remuneration in relation to each one’s production. Our contribution is thus to generate a stable monthly income for our teams.

We would be thrilled to have you join our international team and bring your professional experience to the table. We are very open-minded, and our goal is to ensure that every task is completed and executed correctly. You will also develop your skills and have a chance to grow with our company’s expanding projects.